Ovü Wearable Fertility Tracker

Ovü (pronounced oh-view) is a product that I designed and developed several years ago. It provides a simple method of monitoring BBT to help women, age 30-35, determine when they are most likely to become pregnant, using Bluetooth and wearable technology.

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Ovü is a made up of a thermister within an armband that detects a hormonal shift in Basal Body Temperature (BBT) that indicates the most fertile time of the month (ovulation). The armband is worn to bed each night, with a highly sensitive thermometer attached inside. Each morning, the device collects the temperature and pushes the data to a secure database via Bluetooth. The woman can login to view the data on the website or set an alert to be notified if the temperature is in her unique target range.


Composed by an Arduino Mini, a thermistor and a bluetooth antenna, the Ovü connects a Java application on a cellphone that sends the data when a connection is available to a MySql web server where all the history is stored and accessible. When that small window of fertility is indicated, a web app texts her and her partner’s mobile phone.

It is currently a working prototype. My goal is to produce more devices at a lower cost and get them into the hands of people who would benefit most.

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