Nike Jordan Melo M8

Role: User Experience Designer

Recreate the Melo Explosive event in an online version that felt just as big as the actual event using HTML5.

Extend the Melo Explosive Shoe Launch event outside of New York city activation event.

I wanted to choreograph browser windows in a way that didn’t just mimic real life using the video footage we had but amplified the effects of the water misters to really drive home the sense of grandeur and explosive nature that was core to the concept.

Using the previz video assets, I was able to identify the types of shots we needed and the areas to crop/zoom. The end result delivered on the task of translating the event into the digital space.


2012 ADDY Best of Show
2012 ADDY Best of Non-Traditional
2012 Gold ADDY Non-Traditional Advertising

Art Director: Asza West
Copywriter: Eric Steele
Director of Technology: Husani Oakley
Tech Lead: Sunny Nan
Executive Producer: Brandan Kaplan
Producer: Hana Newman