Nike+ Human Race

Role: Interaction Designer

Find a way to unite people around the same cause: running.

The campaign and race was global. Simultaneously happening across 24 cities across the world. The campaign merged the real world running with online - facilitating anyone to participate, even if you weren’t in a race city - from small villages in South America to organized races in Los Angeles - as long as they had access to the Internet. Lots of people turned out; about 780,000 people.

But the race wasn’t just an event. It connected all of those taking part - it was facilitated online - from signup to results. People could train or chat with other runners around the world, leading up to the race itself. Also, using the website, aspiring and experienced runners alike could put together their own training programs. Designed by Nike coaches, training programs are available for anyone; from beginner runners to advanced athletes.

Countries competed against one another. And just as per the races, results were global. The product itself measured people’s speeds. While this was visualized, allowing people to see how every person/city/country had done. Also enabling national/neighborhood rivalries to play out - trying to run faster than their rival country. Down to individual people - to see how they stacked up. 

780,000 runners; 24 cities/events worldwide; 802,863 miles logged; +3M raised for charity

2009 Interactive: Integrated Branding Campaign / Interactive and Non-Interactive - Bronze