Hewlett Packard Digital Platform

Role: Interaction Designer

Provide ways to engage with the brand at every point within the customer journey, by offering unique features such as product customization as well as future-forward retail experiences including QR-code scanning.

Define the appropriate features that aligned to each persona we had identified and create user journeys that aligned to and brought to life this vision.



I outlined and refined user scenarios that focused on the three distinct areas that we had outlined as major consumer touch points, along with a large team of interaction designers. I sketched out storyboards for user scenarios, taking into consideration the consumer lifestyle, product needs and purchase patterns.

The customer experience framework outlined the different channels within the digital ecosystem and how each of the components would be defined throughout the entire experience.

Other documents included: Business Objectives, Ecosystem Components, Digital Properties Comparative, User Experience Scope Definition and Product Demo Competitive Audit.

Interaction Design Director: Scott Weiland
Senior Interaction Designer: Mike Klodginski
Senior Interaction Designer: Mutlu Isik