ADCOLOR Conference

Role: Experience Design Lead

We had a couple of special features such as an animated gif photo booth and an honoree slot machine. Instead of playing for money, you could win a chance to meet honorees and the 2012 ADCOLOR®  All Star – Boris Kodjoe. The deliverable was an app for Android and iOS. We added in a physical slot machine (acquired via Craigslist and a coworker’s jeep) that enabled people to play for a chance to win various prizes that surrounded exclusive access to well-known attendees.

The goal of this app was to connect people with “the places and faces” of the ADCOLOR Awards in Las Vegas, NY. The target was advertising, marketing and media industry leaders and young professionals attending the ADCOLOR Awards. We wanted to shift the primary perception of an app from an industry event application that helps to navigate to one that facilitates connection between participants.

My involvement was as follows:
- Brainstormed concepts with the creative team
- Created initial experience design framework
- Briefed experience designer on the concept of the app, sections, and provided site map
- Oversaw production of wireframes and further updated them as functionality was tweaked later in development
- Created a spreadsheet that identified the tracking/analytics points as well as the benefit of tracking each
- Identified and secured vendors for both sound and photography; facilitated initial conversations to get the teams working together
- Worked with both in-house developers and QA to ensure that the app was up to standards before launch

Creative: Ida Gronblom
Creative: Fabian Berglund
Visual Design: Trevor Gilley
User Experience Design: Jes Albro
Senior Develeloper: Lee Felarca
Technology Director: Husani Oakley
Fabrication & Technology: Jamie Carreiro
Interactive Producer: Christena Pyle
Dir. of Interactive Production: Marc Maleh
Interactive Strategist: Marshall Ball

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