The goal for the site was to embody the principles: artist involvement, press notability and public interest.

Constellations of content that provided a loosely guided journey through the site content.


In order to do this, a series of entry points were established which enabled the user to explore vast amount of content, highlighting existing areas such as artist profiles and press releases. 

Features such as virtual gallery tours and digital exhibitions brought the user closer to narrative of the work itself.

The constellations of information were contextual and curated by the museum staff in the backend CMS. The connection points between pieces of content were surfaced as suggestions based on a complex tagging system that established a taxonomy for the collections.



Design Direction: Serif Ozcan, Maya Cule
Art Direction: Priscilla Gomez
User Experience: Kate Bauer
Front-end Developer/Motion Design: Joe Zhou
Creative Technologist: Craig Blagg
Technical Director: Charles Duncan
Production: Jen Vladimirsky, Mutaurwa Mapondera
Account Management: Liz Taylor, Daniel Shaw